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Mike san kyite lann ko yway

Type : Action
Director :
Actor : Nay Htoo Naing
Actress : Moe Pyae Pyae Mg

Actor Info :

Nay Htoo Naing

Nay Htoo Naing ( born 1 January 1979) is a Burmese actor and film director. He is one of the most successful actors in Myanmar's B-rated action film industry and has been regarded as the "Burmese Chuck Norris". Throughout his career, he has acted in over 300 films.Nay Htoo Naing was born on 1 January 1979 in Yenangyaung, Magway Region, Myanmar. He applied to Defence Services Academy (D.S.A) after graduating from high school, but he was declined because of failure in some physical tests. Then he moved to Yangon from Yenangyaung to pursue a career in show business. Nay Htoo Naing is married to singer Mya Thin Chal in 2011. The couple have two sons. His wife Mya Thin Chal is also actress in his some films.

Actress Info :

Moe Pyae Pyae Mg

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History of Myanmar Film

Burma's first film was a recording of the funeral of Tun Shein - a leading politician of the 1910s, who campaigned for Burmese independence in London. It was captured with a second-hand camera by Ohn Maung and was screened at the Royal Cinema, near Scott Market (now Bogyoke Market), which belonged to a Mr Achar, a friend of Ohn Maung. Despite its documentary nature, the Burmese public was very proud of the film, which opened with the notice "Please accept our apologies for the poor quality of the film".

Myanmar Academy Awards

The Myanmar Motion Picture Academy Awards are presented annually to honour both artistic and technical excellence of professionals in the Burmese Film Industry of Myanmar.The awards ceremony has been held annually since 1952. Each winner is presented with a golden statue and in recent years also a cash prize. The awards were first introduced in 1952, and the ceremony has been held annually since 1952 (apart from 1963, 1986, 1987, and 1988). In the first awards ceremony, only three kinds of awards (Best Film, Best Actor and Best Actress) ...

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