Hsu Eaint San (born Hsu Myat Thin on 22 March 1994) is a Burmese actress and commercial model. She is best known for her leading roles in several Burmese films. Throughout her career, she has acted in over 40 films. Hsu relationship with actor Thu Riya, who was a co-star on the film Facebook Ywar (Facebook Village), became a publicized topic in the "Cele Cele Small" Facebook page. After this news was released, they couple admitted to the public on their relationship had started on early 2017. Hsu Eaint San and Thu Riya co-starred in many more films most notably Kyar Phyu, Naung Bal Tote Mha Ma Mone, and Shin A May Nae Kyaunt Ma, as well as big screen films, Facebook Ywar, Nga Academy and Thaye Thinbaw. In October 2019, they faced some problem and end their relationship.